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Quotable Quotes for Breakfast?

Marso 22, 2012

I hear people say this a lot:

“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.”

And I believe it, so that for the whole 21 years of my life, I try so hard not to leave the house without eating this “very important meal”. I even remember that when my siblings and I were still students, my mother used to wake up early in the morning to prepare food before we leave for school. “Prepare” here is actually synonymous to “heating”, as our meals usually consist of rice and last night’s ulam with  hot pandesal and if we are indeed lucky, there would also be scrambled eggs. My day sure didn’t feel complete without my daily almusal. Parang laging gutom, hilo, di makapag-isip ng maayos. I don’t know. It helped me last through the day even without another “proper” meal (as during this time, I would often spend my lunch allowance for school requirements and projects). So I loved breakfasts!

But this morning I realized something else. Just like any other activity that involves food, things get more interesting when you get to share it with someone who has got a lot of interesting things to say. (Or probably it’s the other way around? Things get more interesting when there’s food involved? I don’t know. I don’t really care if my statement doesn’t make sense. I just have to make things sound coherent para maikonekta ko yung tungkol sa quotable quotes. hehehe)

I had one such breakfast earlier. Leaving home in a hurry so as not to be late for work, I decided to skip breakfast and planned to take it the moment I arrive in school (I am a teacher so the school is my workplace). After, dropping my bag, I got my baon went to the lounge and looked for a vacant seat. The only one available was a seat next to Mrs. Q, (that’s how most people in the faculty room call her), one of the most experienced (and feared) teachers that we have in the faculty. Having left with no choice, I sat next to her, catching the entire conversation she was currently having with 3 more teachers.

From what I understood, they were talking about how, despite hearing all the issues with the school’s administration (backgrounder: maraming issues sa school eh, most of them concerning the administration and their “indecisiveness” when it comes to issues involving school rules and the faculty. Even faculty rooms have politics you know. ), she was able to put up with the system and managed to stay for 25 years!

I wish I could write everything she mentioned earlier, but I had a spoon and a fork in my right and left hands, respectively, where there should have been a pen and a post-it. So i will just enumerate those that I memorized right there and then.

  • Accountability is two-way.” (talking about bosses who always blame their subordinates)
  • When something is wrong you should know how to stand up, to effect change. Otherwise, we’ll be doing the same mistakes over and over. “(for those who do not want to speak up in fear of losing their jobs)
  • Kami naman aalis na dito eh. Kayo na yan. Yung mga pagsasalita ko pag meeting, para sa inyo yun. Because I love this institution. You know people, they come and go. But the school remains.”(still on how employees should feel empowered )
  • “At the end of the day, it’s just a job. No hard feelings. We are all professionals here.Hindi kasi ako emotional na tao eh” (for those who take it personally when they’re given memos or are reprimanded by immediate bosses )
  • “One must have self-honesty. Alam mo dapat. You should not accept a job where you can’t do well. You will just shortchange your subordinates.” (about people who are not qualified to be in their positions)
  • After that line, I got lost in the conversation. I was no longer sure if she was still talking about the faculty and the administrators or something else.