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Chewing Gums and Letting Go

Abril 27, 2012

Some good things in life are like bubble gum. No matter how much we relish chewing it, we should be aware that at a certain point, we would have to spit it out. After a good number of times chewing it, it will lose its taste. Let it stay longer and it will turn to mush. Try swallowing it and it could only lead to complications.

I once absentmindedly slept with gum in my mouth. Even if I had stopped chewing in my sleep, the gum still disintegrated. I woke up to find the disgustingly unrecognizable remains of what could have passed as a finalist in The Ten Best  Bubble Gums I Had Ever Tasted prior the disintegration. And I ended up regretting not spitting it out when I knew I already had to.

Yes, even gums of that caliber must go.

The gum sure would not be an inch as sweet as it had originally been, but it would still resemble, in a way, its original form.


Letting go of something we so much treasured may be one task too gargantuan.
But sometimes, it’s just the right thing to do.
We should learn to let go, and we should also learn the right time to do it.

Wangak#2: Ep Bi STATUS (enkoments)

Abril 22, 2012

Okay. This is the second installment of my WANGAK Series (Nagtataka ka kung ano yung first? Actually ngayon ko lang naisip gumawa ng ganito. hihi. Binago ko na lang yung title ng post kong ito para masabing may pinanggalingan tong pinagagawa ko hihi ulet). Bat don weri, dis wil nat be as wangak as da pers. Isa itong pagmamayabang  pagsesenti paglilista ng mga status updates ko sa aking FB account simula Disimbir 30 hanggang Janwari Febrari ngayong 2012. At kagaya ng nakagawian, ang aking WANGAK series is broth brouth broght brught brot to yu bay Kaloyski’s Kakulangan ng Enspereysyon  and Matinong Matiryal tu Wrayt Abawt. Bow.

December 30

I stalked somebody’s fb page and it suddenly struck me how we all have a tendency to make a mess out of ourselves. We may get bitter and pessimistic at certain points in our lives but I believe doing “nasty stuff” isn’t necessary to emphasize that you are going through something. My life may not be perfect and I am definitely no judge to criticize others, but it saddens me to see people who used to be full of ambition, positivism, vigor and faith succumb to things that only bring temporary bliss. Most of us are not bad. But a lot of us are trying so hard to be

December 31

I can’t afford to lose a finger this New Year. Losing even a single one would make me a less credible Math Teacher. I won’t be able to count 1 to 10 using what would be left. Joke lang. Stay safe friends! New Year arrives in 4 hours

January 1

TWO-ZERO-ONE-TWO. Welcomed the new year with family and friends in my good old barrio. I sure wouldn’t trade this annual experience for the world. Let 2012 be a fruitful year to one and all. 

Adios 2011. You have been a very effective teacher, one i’ll definitely remember in the years to come.

Happy 2012!

January 2

“I won’t worry my life away!”
-The Remedy by Jason Mraz and memories of high school

January 4(comment to KQ)

LAGE MO NA LANG AKO INEENYERFACE EH! Kaya inuunahan na kita. lol

January 5 (comment to AKF)

140% AKF. I’m convinced I’m Russian.

January 10 (comment to JM)

A good guy can still get the girl. For this to happen, however, he has got to be rich. Or he has to have a wonderful sense of humor

January 16

Addiction. Addiction. Addiction. (in reference to Live’s Selling the Drama… hindi to droga ah!)

January 18

STRIKE 3 NA EH. Out na. (kabobohan ko naman minsan)

January 23 (comment to KQ)

no brainer. the nazis had tanks.

January 25

Gamit ko BB ni Hindi Ako Si Potpot. Haha

January 28

BM’s status: A boy and a girl getting together is like taking a bus. You end up on a particular bus because the right number comes along at a right time.” (falling leaves- adeline yen mah)

(comment to BM)

But there would be times when you would get tired of waiting for the right bus, so you end up riding the wrong one.

(reply to BM’s comment)

Tama. Baba na. Bago ka pa mapalyo at mahirapang bumaba. Minsan pa nga hindi na talaga. Aantayin mo na lang matapos ang byahe. At malungkot ka non panigurado.

January 30 (comment to KDJ)

Actually, we need to take “breaks” every now and then. A time off from all of life’s complexities is sure to bring clarity of mind.It helps to look at things from another angle

February 14

Today I am reminded of how important it is for one to be sensitive of other’s feelings – especially those people who are very dear to you, people who without you knowing are selflessly putting your interest above their own. They too need appreciation, or at least something that will remind them that their efforts are acknowledged. After all, Bob Ong was right in saying that once you turn your back to someone and once that someone decides to do likewise, you would have to circumnavigate the world just to see that person face to face again. Even bridges made of the sturdiest wood turn to ashes once they are burned.

February 16(comment to KDJ)

to explore the vast  ocean, one should not be afraid to lose sight of the shore

February 22

Okay. I am now convinced I’m a Math Teacher. When I opened Google Chrome, I thought i saw the SINE WAVE

En dis, leydis en gentelmen, is haw yu apdeyt yur blog! KAPAMPAMAN wins!

Falling Slowly

Abril 18, 2012

I was there, seated on the beach and staring at the vast ocean, wondering how far beyond it stretches and at what point it touches the sky. Then I’m reminded of the physical distance that exists between us. Miles. Seas. Lands. But it sure won’t compare to the distance I’m afraid I would feel once we see each other again. I have fears I’ll admit. And  I am trying hard not to focus my thoughts on them.

So I made the call, seeking for reassurance while constantly asking myself about making the right choices. But when I heard your voice, it pained me still. Everything about your voice hurt me – how you sounded like you don’t feel any guilt, and how much it reminded me of how I hate myself for allowing to be hurt again.

Then you asked me about stars, if there were a lot of them. That’s when that song played. I tried to keep the conversation but I got distracted. I listened intently and tried hard to make out the words.

These lines stuck to my head.

Take this sinking boat and point it home,

We’ve still got time

Raise your hopeful voice, you have a choice,

You’ll make it now.

I don’t know. But at that point, I felt compelled to make a choice.

So I chose to stay; and to try it one last time, hoping that this time I’ll see you on the other side.



Here’s the full song by the way.


Falling Slowly


Glen Hansard and Marketa Iglova

I don’t know you

But I want you

All the more for that

Words fall through me

And always fool me

And I can’t react

And games that never amount

To more than they’re meant

Will play themselves out

Take this sinking boat and point it home

We’ve still got time

Raise your hopeful voice you have a choice

You’ll make it now

Falling slowly, eyes that know me

And I can’t go back

Moods that take me and erase me

And I’m painted black

You have suffered enough

And warred with yourself

It’s time that you won

Take this sinking boat and point it home

We’ve still got time

Raise your hopeful voice you have a choice

You’ve made it now

Falling slowly sing your melody

I’ll sing it loud

Random Photos and My Captions

Abril 18, 2012

Just random pictures and the captions I wrote for them.

Picture Number 1

Picture No. 1

I noticed this chair at the back of the room while I was conducting remedial classes. I thought it would make an interesting picture so when the time was right (euphemism for when my students weren’t looking) I took out my phone and immediately took a snapshot of it.

Picture Number 2

I was playing this puzzle game on my phone when this happened. Similar to the first one, I thought it was a very interesting picture to write a caption for. One word to describe this: EMO!

Picture Number 3

I saw this in a department store when I accompanied a friend to buy sunblock. I found it funny initially, then I was reminded of some people and the price they are willing to pay for the pursuit of physical perfection.

Picture Number 4

This is another shot I took during remedial class. Actually the blue chair at the back is for observers. It just suddenly hit me how in a sea of brown chairs, the only blue chair is placed at the far end of the room, isolated from the others.

Picture Number 5

As an adviser, I am usually tapped to distribute forms or memos from the registrar’s office to my students. This is one such, and the memo’s title just made me laugh. No explanation needed I guess.

The Hunger Games

Marso 24, 2012

1)It never really occurred to me that The Hunger Games was already showing in the country.

2)In fact, I was not even aware that it has started its opening date a couple of days ago.

3)Also, I did not know that I had already arranged plans of watching this movie . I totally forgot about it, that the only time I was convinced I did commit was when we were already in the theaters.

So everything went against how I originally planned it. I had wanted to see the adaptation after I am done reading the book. Not being aware of my “deadlines” I only got to finish the first 7 or so pages, thinking that I’d have plenty of time to read the whole book since the film, from what I thought I know, won’t be shown anytime soon.

Needless to say, I saw the movie first.

Watching The Hunger Games without something to compare it with, for me is “weird”. I like imagining things, and the most probable effect it will have on me the moment I decide to read the book again  is to match every scene with how it was depicted in the movie.

So what do I think about it? DISTURBING. I’ll enumerate the reasons why + a review of the film on my next post. (I ‘m trying hard not to keep my eyes close before I finish this.)

Quotable Quotes for Breakfast?

Marso 22, 2012

I hear people say this a lot:

“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.”

And I believe it, so that for the whole 21 years of my life, I try so hard not to leave the house without eating this “very important meal”. I even remember that when my siblings and I were still students, my mother used to wake up early in the morning to prepare food before we leave for school. “Prepare” here is actually synonymous to “heating”, as our meals usually consist of rice and last night’s ulam with  hot pandesal and if we are indeed lucky, there would also be scrambled eggs. My day sure didn’t feel complete without my daily almusal. Parang laging gutom, hilo, di makapag-isip ng maayos. I don’t know. It helped me last through the day even without another “proper” meal (as during this time, I would often spend my lunch allowance for school requirements and projects). So I loved breakfasts!

But this morning I realized something else. Just like any other activity that involves food, things get more interesting when you get to share it with someone who has got a lot of interesting things to say. (Or probably it’s the other way around? Things get more interesting when there’s food involved? I don’t know. I don’t really care if my statement doesn’t make sense. I just have to make things sound coherent para maikonekta ko yung tungkol sa quotable quotes. hehehe)

I had one such breakfast earlier. Leaving home in a hurry so as not to be late for work, I decided to skip breakfast and planned to take it the moment I arrive in school (I am a teacher so the school is my workplace). After, dropping my bag, I got my baon went to the lounge and looked for a vacant seat. The only one available was a seat next to Mrs. Q, (that’s how most people in the faculty room call her), one of the most experienced (and feared) teachers that we have in the faculty. Having left with no choice, I sat next to her, catching the entire conversation she was currently having with 3 more teachers.

From what I understood, they were talking about how, despite hearing all the issues with the school’s administration (backgrounder: maraming issues sa school eh, most of them concerning the administration and their “indecisiveness” when it comes to issues involving school rules and the faculty. Even faculty rooms have politics you know. ), she was able to put up with the system and managed to stay for 25 years!

I wish I could write everything she mentioned earlier, but I had a spoon and a fork in my right and left hands, respectively, where there should have been a pen and a post-it. So i will just enumerate those that I memorized right there and then.

  • Accountability is two-way.” (talking about bosses who always blame their subordinates)
  • When something is wrong you should know how to stand up, to effect change. Otherwise, we’ll be doing the same mistakes over and over. “(for those who do not want to speak up in fear of losing their jobs)
  • Kami naman aalis na dito eh. Kayo na yan. Yung mga pagsasalita ko pag meeting, para sa inyo yun. Because I love this institution. You know people, they come and go. But the school remains.”(still on how employees should feel empowered )
  • “At the end of the day, it’s just a job. No hard feelings. We are all professionals here.Hindi kasi ako emotional na tao eh” (for those who take it personally when they’re given memos or are reprimanded by immediate bosses )
  • “One must have self-honesty. Alam mo dapat. You should not accept a job where you can’t do well. You will just shortchange your subordinates.” (about people who are not qualified to be in their positions)
  • After that line, I got lost in the conversation. I was no longer sure if she was still talking about the faculty and the administrators or something else.

Of Exam Schedules and Farewells

Marso 21, 2012

I just want to share this conversation I had with one of my students earlier through an exchange of messages on FB.

The day before, this student had asked me if she could possibly take the final exams in Statistics earlier than the scheduled date and time, since she was exempted from taking the exams in the other subjects she supposedly had to take on the same day. I told her that I had to refer the matter to my coordinator to see if a special arrangement could be done for her. Not being able to meet her that afternoon, I just requested a classmate of her to tell her the office’s decision that unfortunately, the original plan would still be followed.

Then she sent me a private message on FB.

A.S. (her initials):

Hi sir,
Almeda told me that I should come early tom so that I’d take the Statistics exam early. Where should I go for me to take the test?
Sir, thank you for a great year  I’m sorry if I’m starting to fail your subject..  I’ve been having problems with stat :S 😐


Is that what he told you? Sorry I think he misunderstood my statement. I actually told him that I can’t give you the test earlier than the others so you still have to take it with the rest of the class on the scheduled time. I asked my coordinator about your case but he said that we can’t do anything but follow the original schedule. Sorry.


And regarding your performance in my subject, well, it’s not the first time I’ve heard somebody say something like that so it’s all good. I have to admit that when I was still learning Statistics, I also had a little difficult understanding it. And you know, if it’s any consolation for me to say this, you’re doing fine. In fact, better than I remember I ever did the time I took it in college. Just like any math related subject, the key here is practice. And try rereading your notes! It might help. I know you’ll do well. As always.


And your class is awesome! The roughly 9 months we’ve been together is indeed something I will never forget. It’s been a year of significant learning for everyone. I may come off as very strict and/or very annoying sometimes with my constant reminders (or my morning homily as your classmates would like to call it) but this is brought about by the pressure of guiding you throughout your sophomore year. I probably overdid it at times, but my intention and prime objective is to keep you on the right track, similar to what a parent always hopes for his children. It is actually my dream that in the future, if you have problems to overcome or important decisions to make, you will look back on your past and you would find something helpful that you have learned in your sophomore year. All the best to my 2G!. 

Why would I want to share something like this?

First, because I liked her humility. This student was an achiever in class, and acknowledging that she is having difficulty in my subject just made me admire her more. This for me is a sign of wisdom, maturity at a very young age. Honestly, I would not have admitted the same thing if I were her age as that was a time when I was too proud of myself and my petty achievements.

Second, I have always had issues with telling people how I feel. At least if I had to tell it to them face to face. I find it more comfortable writing things down. Writing gives me more time to think about what to tell the other person, to choose the right words, to capture the right emotion. And it’s actually ironic if you come to think of it since my profession requires me to talk to people everyday. I have not gotten used to it yet. I’m not really sure if I’d even get to that point when I could say that I am perfectly comfortable with carrying out a conversation with someone.

Naka-36 Hits Ako!

Marso 19, 2012

Ewan. Kalokohan lang ‘tong entry na ito. Natuwa lang ako kasi makalipas ang ilang araw ng kalokohan eh akalain mong may 36 na taong nagkamaling bisitahin ang parteng ito ng internet. O pwede namang isang tao lang ‘to na nadiinan ang Enter Key ng computer nya kaya umabot ng 36 hits. Parang Anna Banana lang ! Nakakatuwa lang. Ganito pala yun. Yung dati kong sinimulang blog sa Blogger noon ako lang ang nagkiclick. Niloloko ko lang ang sarili ko. Pero ngayon, I feel so loved! (nyaks, spokening dollar!)Magpapansit nga ako sa sweldo! Yung maraming bihon para hindi halatang fishball lang ang sahog!

Day 2 of Blogging and Fears of the Future.

Marso 18, 2012

Surfing the internet for blogs to follow, I stumbled upon 2 blogs authored by people in their 20’s. I was surprised how similar our current views are about the world, particularly the fear of owning up to adult responsibilities. I don’t know. I am in my early twenties (specifically 21, turning a year older a few weeks as of this writing) but i feel older.I don’t really understand teenage behavior now, the way I knew I would have understood it a year, or two ago. Since graduating from college and starting work, my whole take on life has completely changed. I was actually doing a self-assessment days ago asking myself if I had always been like this. Well modesty aside, I am definitely more mature than most of the people I met in high school and in college but I had never thought of life and what lies ahead the way that I am seeing things now. I don’t really like to think that it’s a bad thing, and that it’s something permanent. I am crossing my fingers that just like teenage angst, this is but a phase that goes with my transition to adulthood. But it is certainly scary just thinking about the responsibilities I have to perform once I fully accept the fact that I am no longer a teenager. It’s almost like getting into a new world, without any certainty whether I would be able to go back to my previous one.

Ang Gumradweyt, Bow

Marso 17, 2012

APRIL 27, 2010

Graduation Day namin. Araw ng pagtatapos. Araw ng itim na toga, asul na hood, asul na tassel, at syempre pamatay na porma sa ilalim. Naka-long sleeves akong kulay kupas na violet. ‘Di rin mawawala ang plantsadong slacksKiniwing black shoes, at isang printed tie na pinilit kong ibagay sa suot kong long sleeves (sulyap sa paligid: langya, mga mukhang tao kaming lahat ngayon).Tama lang naman atang magpagwapo sa araw na’to. Anupa’t araw namin ‘tong mga gagraduate. Ang kulminasyon ng apat na taon naming binuno sa hirap (hirap pumasok ng maaga, hirap mag-isip ng excuse sa prof kapag late, hirap makasingit ng pila t’wing enrolment, hirap makaisa sa gwardya para mabilis makakuha ng ROG, hirap makisama sa ibang weirdong kaklase, hirap makibagay sa ilang prof na parang di alam ang sinasabi, hirap magsarbey at mag-tally para sa thesis at ang hirap makabawi ng tulog lalo kung bukas ang deadline ng ginagawang term paper) ng pagkokolehiyo (o pagwawala sa kolehiyo?). Kaya dapat masaya ako. Pero ewan ko ba. Emo na ata ako (eyeliner at bangs na nakaside na lang ang kulang). Kasi habang nakaupo ako sa puting monoblock na’to(na kanina pa iniinda ng pwet ko), sandamukal na mga bagay ang pumapasok sa isip ko. Maraming tanong at realisasyon. Akalain mong sa wakas nag-iisip na ako?

Ilang minuto na lang mula ngayon, sa hudyat na ibibigay ni Ms. Vice President, ililipat naming pakanan ‘tong tassel sa mga cap namin. Conferral nga ba ang tawag nila? At ilang saglit na lang, excited kaming aakyat ng entablado, sabay sunggab sa nakarolyong short bond paper na may matching ribbong green na diploma raw namin. At pagkatapos,sa aming pagbaba, gradweyt na kami.

Ibig sabihin, ‘di na ako estudyante…

Ibig sabihin, huling beses ko na pala kaninang nagbayad ng sais…

Ibig sabihin, mahihiya na’kong makipag-away kay boss Kuya Manong drayber para makadiskwento…

Hindi ko na magagamit ang linyang: “Ma, ‘yong bente estudyante lang” o di kaya“Estudyante lang kuya, eto ID ko gusto mong makita?”…

Nakakatakot pala.

Ang pagkakaintindi ko, sa puntong tumayo ako at iwan ang monoblock na ito, bigla nang lalawak ang mundo ko.

Mas malayo pa sa puno ng Acacia sa tapat ng Bldg 2 ang tanaw.

Mas malayo.

Pero don’t get me wrong (nakana, konyo ang lukutoy), hindi sa ayaw kong grumadweyt. Kating-kati na nga akong makatapos. Ang hindi ko alam, kalakip pala ng excitement ang isang panibagong takot. Namputek, takot pala akong mag-isa!

Mag-isang mag-apply ng trabaho, mag-isang pupunta ng interview, mag-isang mare-reject. Malakas lang pala ang loob ko pag may karamay.

Pa’no nga kaya ang mangyayari? Ah basta! Ang alam ko lang, kanya-kanyang diskarte na kami mula ngayon. Wala na akong pwedeng asahang iba. Kakornihan mang sabihin, dapat nang matutong mag-isa. Para saan pang nag-praktis ako ng apat na taon kung maduduwag lang din ako, di ba?

Basta. Ewan. Wala naman talagang nakakaalam ng mangyayrari. Basta ang sigurado ako, inis na yong emcee kasi ayaw pang tumayo nung susunod na gagradweyt. Pitong beses na atang tinawag yung pangalan. Malat na si Ms. Emcee sa kakasigaw ng pangalan ni Carlos Ange…Teka, teka, ako yata yon. Nalibang ako sa kakaisip (palibhasa minsan lang gawin). Sya, sya at maka-akyat nga muna!