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Wrath of the Titans

Abril 17, 2012

There are movies you would like and there are movies you wouldn’t like. And there would also be those that fall in the category of “Movies You Just See to Kill Time”. Wrath of the Titans falls on the third one. I entered  and went out of the theaters without any thoughts whatsoever about the film. It was just okay. That’s it. Just okay. I did not feel obliged to put my Film Critic Cloak on. No discussions were made after seeing the film, except me saying: “Nice Transformers-like CGI’s, nice sound effects and nice action scenes.” and to which my friends only nodded in approval. No thoughts about the actors and the story. Pretty neat way to kill time indeed.

Wrath of the Titans is the sequel to the 2010 Greek mythology-inspired  Clash of the Titans. In Wrath, Sam Worthington returns as Perseus, demigod son of Zeus played by Oscar-nominee Liam Neeson and nephew to Hades played by Neeson’s fellow Oscar-Nominee Ralph Fiennes. The main cast is supported by actors Rosamund Pike (Andromeda), Edgar Ramirez (Ares), Toby Kebbell (Agenor), Billy Nighy (Hephaestus), Danny Huston (Poseidon) and John Bell (Helius).

Ten years after heroically defeating The Kraken, Perseus is now living a normal life as a fisherman with his mother and 10-year old son Helius. This ordinary life was interrupted however when his father Zeus pays him a visit one day to inform him that the gods were losing their control over the captured Titans, threatening the end of the gods and humanity. Zeus seeks Perseus’ help but the latter declines, uninterested to meddle once more with the business of the Gods.

Perseus joins the quest nevertheless upon learning that his father was held captive in the underworld by Hades and Ares, who struck a deal with Kronos in exchange of immortality (as Gods during this time were losing their power due to people’s lack of devotion). Zeus’ remaining powers are siphoned to bring Kronos back to life (or to regain his powers? not sure). To save his father, Perseus joins force with Andromeda and seeks the help of demigod and son of Poseidon Agenor to save Zeus and beat Kronos.