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Random Photos and My Captions

Abril 18, 2012

Just random pictures and the captions I wrote for them.

Picture Number 1

Picture No. 1

I noticed this chair at the back of the room while I was conducting remedial classes. I thought it would make an interesting picture so when the time was right (euphemism for when my students weren’t looking) I took out my phone and immediately took a snapshot of it.

Picture Number 2

I was playing this puzzle game on my phone when this happened. Similar to the first one, I thought it was a very interesting picture to write a caption for. One word to describe this: EMO!

Picture Number 3

I saw this in a department store when I accompanied a friend to buy sunblock. I found it funny initially, then I was reminded of some people and the price they are willing to pay for the pursuit of physical perfection.

Picture Number 4

This is another shot I took during remedial class. Actually the blue chair at the back is for observers. It just suddenly hit me how in a sea of brown chairs, the only blue chair is placed at the far end of the room, isolated from the others.

Picture Number 5

As an adviser, I am usually tapped to distribute forms or memos from the registrar’s office to my students. This is one such, and the memo’s title just made me laugh. No explanation needed I guess.