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Anansi Boys

Abril 5, 2012

Anansi Boys is the first Neil Gaiman book I have ever read. I picked it up from the library Monday morning of my last week at work when I realized (more like convinced myself) I had nothing else to do and I was done with all my requirements that I can do all the reading and “pagpepetiks” and “noynoying” that I want. (I ‘m lying. That time, I wasn’t done with everything yet. I still had my clearance to accomplish but I could not find the interest inspiration to finish it. Also, I have to take out all the things from my locker and my table, transfer all the contents into boxes and place them in the designated classroom as the Faculty room will be cleaned. Imagine taking out my bundles of unchecked papers and projects! Hehehe. I’m joking. None of these. Other than that, I am a free man! At least I think I am!).

I heard it was a fun book to read so yeah! Besides, there was an instant connection the moment Neil Gaiman tweeted about this (Self-talk: “Shepaks, Dude, what’s wrong with you? Typical Pinoy affected by the It’s More Fun in the Philippines Syndrome? Oh well. Sabagay.”-konyo pala pagkausap ang sarili?):

Anansi Boys was cute. I don’t know. I have no other adjective in mind to describe this but cute. Probably funny. Because it was extremely hilarious at times. No, most of the time. If you’re looking for those books that will leave you with an urge to cry uncontrollably, or will touch you, or will serve as a turning point in your life, this is NOT it. But if what you’re looking for is something to help you go through boring afternoons at work (hihihi), this COULD BE it.  Funny story, funny characters, funny incidents – in short, something that would pass as the plot of a comedy film. Oh yeah. Apart from thinking about the cute storyline, I also imagined seeing it in the movies, thinking about how the scenes and its brand of humor would be perfect for film.

Plot? Well, it’s about the adventures of Fat Charlie Nancy, son of the god Anansi (from American Gods, another Gaiman book, which I haven’t read yet. I do have a copy though. Will read it soon. Not really soon. Eventually.) who couldn’t care less about his father whom he feels has “tortured” him emotionally growing up; and how his unenthusiastic life took a complete 360-degree turn the moment  his father died while doing karaoke. He learns his father is a god, he meets a twin brother who inherited all their father’s magic powers, he breaks off his engagement with his girlfriend (or is it the other way around?), he tries to kill his twin brother but tries to save him in the end, he travels to a different world where animals are gods, he escapes from his murderous employer , he finds his own voice, and he marries the police officer he met on a one night stand.

Moral: Find your own voice. Don’t blame other people for how you turned out to be.

Fun read!