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Random Diary Entries Series 3

Oktubre 1, 2012

September 22

Nakakainis ‘pag may bagay na siguradung-sigurado kang nagawa mo na (lalo’t napakasimple, ‘di nagre-require ng complex mental processes) tapos it turns out na ‘di mo pala nagawa? Badtrip ‘di ba? As in tipong makakapatay ka para lang patunayan na naalala mong ginawa mo s’ya then all of a sudden there’s tangible, credible at ‘di mapasusubaliang proof that you really, absentmindedly, unintentionally, forgot to do it. And it slaps you in the face. Hard. Twice pa. Badtrip. Badtrip.

September 24

Does a parallel universe exist? What if there’s life on another plane of existence. What about life on an opposite realm? Imagine contact. Imagine┬ácollision. Imagine.

September 25

Steady ka dude. Pero pwede ka ma-frustrate. With people, With events. With happenings. With work. And all the BS that comes with adulthood. Promise not to crack. “Don’t bend, don’t break”. Takte. Steady lang. St




Random Diary Entries Series 2

Oktubre 1, 2012

September 10

Minsan ang procrastination ay by-product lang ng process of “self-purgation”. Para “mapiga” ang sarili mo – isip, puso – ng stress, problems, ideas at what have you. You need to sit down. Stop whatever you are doing. Postpone all plans. And just take time to smell the flowers. Mehn, believe me. We all need a break. A breather. Time to reflect and assess where we are at a certain point in our life. To keep balance. To maintain sanity.

September 13

May mga recognition na trip na trip mong i-claim kaso when you think about its repercussions, specially the negative effects (read: bad image) it will have on other “people”, you just opt to shrug it off (and act like that pa-humble character you have perfected through repeated ordeals like this). Gusto mong maki-sintemyento but doing so would only mess things up some more. Ayaw mo ng hassle. At syempre, ayaw mo rin mag-magaling at magmukhang magaling sa harap ng iba. Let’s face it. You long for recognition. Matutuwa ka rin konte. But you’re just not the type who’ll be extremely “pleasured” by something so petty. You’re not that kind of person. Not that kind.

September 16

‘Yung feeling na minsan trip mong mag “me time” kaso takot ka rin na baka wala ka nang mabalikang friends kaso trip na trip mong magpa-miss kasi nga feeling unappreciated at taken for granted ka kaso nga you’re also not sure if they’ll even notice. Plus there’s the possibility that if they do notice, you’ll be labeled “paimportante” and that’s exactly want you want them to feel yet you hate to be given that title. Dilemma, tsong. Hyper to. Still, you choose to be with them. Kahit na at the back of your head, thoughts about how you’re just a “filler” in the group bother you.

Random Diary Entries Series

Setyembre 29, 2012

September 1

Badtrip ‘yung di mo maalis ‘yung takip ng bolpen mo na nilagay mo sa other end (the one without the “tip”) tapos ‘d mo na talaga makuha. Double badtrip pa kasi wala ka masising iba dahil kagagawan mo rin. Shete. Masama ito.


September 4

May mga pagkakataon talaga eh no na ayaw mo na sana makaalala kaso bigla na lang bumabalik eh. Badtrip minsan kasi ang lakas maka-emo. Ang catch pa, you have to act normal in front of other people. Otherwise, tapos ang kaastigan mo balbon! Ang lakas maka-emo ng ganyan eh.


September 5

May fear ako minsan na baka tumanda akong may sira ang ulo. Para kasing lately ang hirap i-contain ng mga thoughts ko. Parang they have to be continuously poured out. It’s either I keep myself extremely busy at work (to distract myself) or I look for alternative ways to pour my thoughts. I have friends kaya lang alam mong ‘di nila mage-gets ang mga pa-deep mong hirit tungkol sa inner conflicts. So you decide to just keep it to yourself. At patayin ang sarili mo unti-unti sa konsumisyon. Heavy.


September 8

Sense can be found in deep introspection.