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This blog is primarily created with the purpose of writing down the author’s two cents on books that the author has recently read or movies that he has recently seen.


Why books?  

The author claims he is a great fan of literary but has to take a hiatus from reading due to busy schedules in school and later on stressors at work. This year marks his homecoming to the world of books and to remain true to his pledge to re-ignite his passion for the written word, he  decided to begin this blog.


 Why movies?

Watching movies on the other hand had become his second favorite past time. Commencing also this year, he tries to catch a film at the end of every week with friends and critiques it after. He sure is no film major, nor does he have experience in directing films to judge them but he insists that he is taking the viewpoint of a regular movie-watcher which makes him qualified to make reviews.



But just like any other blog (or any form or writing, for that matter) reading about the same stuff can really get boring so the author shall also be adding random notes about himself or things that has transpired on a particular day. Besides, he loves himself and his ideas so much that he would like to keep a journal of anything that has been conceptualized inside his head. So yeah. Enjoy.


All images used here are taken from Google, unless otherwise stated. Baka makasuhan tayo eh.


20 Tugon to “About”

  1. Addie Says:

    Hullo, thanks for subscribing to my blog. I will be reading through your posts very soon. I liked what I read thus far. I don’t really write book and movie reviews but I did make an attempt here: (http://justbeingthoughtful.wordpress.com/2012/03/30/question-344/).

    Well, see ya around. 🙂

  2. wow! thank you very much for dropping by!
    I subscribed to your blog because I really find your posts interesting!
    Thanks again! 🙂

  3. aninipot Says:

    nagustuhan ko agad nung mabasa kong mahilig ka sa libro, dahil major weakness ko sya. haha!

    weak ako dahil naging bisyo ko na ang mangolekta ng libro.


  4. blahblahblog Says:

    read one of your blogs. Maganda. 🙂 Im starting to this stuff kaya sana maging kasing ayos din ng page mo yung page ko! 🙂 Keep writing!

    • Hi! Thanks for dropping by! Appreciate the comment! 🙂 Relatively new here as well. I just started a few months back.
      I like the name. Creative ah! Lakas ng dating. blahblahblog!:)
      You too, keep writing! Welcome to WP and good luck! 🙂

  5. blahblahblog Says:

    Thanks! 🙂 Actually im having a hard time fixing this stuff. Sakit sa ulo. Btw, thanks for the compliment po wala na kasi maisip so nauwi sa “blahblahblog” 🙂 Thanks for following nga po pala.

  6. carl Says:

    what math subjects do you teach, sir?

  7. RWynn Says:

    Hi Tr. Math! Ikaw din ba si Tr. Math sa Goodreads?! :O Reianne ang handle ko dun. Nice to see you here~

  8. Stats and Precalculus! wow! mahusay ka, titser… at tagahanga ako ng iyong mga tula, as in…

    magsulat ka lagi at ituloy ang pagbabasa at pagmamasid. regards and ingat sila sa iyo… ngumiti ka palagi, kapatid. 😉

    • Nako. Magaling lang akong umarteng mahusay pero hindi talaga!

      Salamat sa walang sawang suporta. 🙂

      Naks! Parang nakatanggap ng acting award ang speech ko.

      • hello, caloy… hehe, tama ba? oo, yon ang narinig ko… ^^

        hala, ba’t walang bagong post dine? busy ka sa pangungulit sa pamangkin? sus, hwag mo nang pakaisipin, mas cute talaga ang baby kesa sa ‘yo, as in… tanungin mo pa si mommy, hihi. ^^

        hwag kang mag-alala, halos lahat sa mundo ay acting lang, whehehe. regards… 😉

  9. bebekoh Says:

    HI! math teacher.. dami mo na palang libro.. went to goodreads kaya lang nalula ako sa libro.. walang time magbasa eh! :(….

    BTW, you’re a Liebster Blog Awardee:

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