Random Diary Entries Series 3

Oktubre 1, 2012

September 22

Nakakainis ‘pag may bagay na siguradung-sigurado kang nagawa mo na (lalo’t napakasimple, ‘di nagre-require ng complex mental processes) tapos it turns out na ‘di mo pala nagawa? Badtrip ‘di ba? As in tipong makakapatay ka para lang patunayan na naalala mong ginawa mo s’ya then all of a sudden there’s tangible, credible at ‘di mapasusubaliang proof that you really, absentmindedly, unintentionally, forgot to do it. And it slaps you in the face. Hard. Twice pa. Badtrip. Badtrip.

September 24

Does a parallel universe exist? What if there’s life on another plane of existence. What about life on an opposite realm? Imagine contact. Imagine collision. Imagine.

September 25

Steady ka dude. Pero pwede ka ma-frustrate. With people, With events. With happenings. With work. And all the BS that comes with adulthood. Promise not to crack. “Don’t bend, don’t break”. Takte. Steady lang. St




4 Tugon to “Random Diary Entries Series 3”

  1. ylbnoel Says:

    re Sept 23, happens to me all the time! re Sept 24, sounds like Fringe. re Sept 25, my words exactly. Thanks for sharing Prof !

  2. zezil Says:

    On 22: Lagi kong episode to. And ‘people’ rub it in na parang, weh, di mo pala kaya e. Arghhhhh. But I just consider it as a lesson to me as well. Na minsan ay, kahit kaya ko, di ko din pala kaya. Labo ko.Haha

    24: Hmmmmmmmmm

    25: Oo e. Steady lang talaga dapat. kahit mahirap, steady lang, steady ka lang…

  3. ungirly Says:

    “Don’t bend, don’t break”.

    I like that!
    hello po 🙂
    napadaan here.
    im a wordpress newbie *bloghopping mode*

  4. bagotilyo Says:

    napaisip ako dun sa sept. 24 .. Pano nga kaya? hehe

    Steady lang dude 🙂

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