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The Cup Has Six Faces

Hunyo 1, 2012

You offered me a cup

with the glinting ocean inside it.

A thing of beauty it was –

a multitude of colors,

and spectral hues.



I took a sip from the cup.

Sweet as I expected –

with traces of honey and cinnamon

and the aroma of morning dew

and the scent of flowers blossoming under the sun.



It reminded me of all good things.

Of beauty, of laughter, of genuine smiles

that my heart was filled with desire –

A desire so intense

it was uncontainable.



So I took another sip.

deeply moved by the sudden high,

wanting to experience the feeling a second time

prompting me to take action and to make it mine .

That was the step I took.

A leap of faith.



Was it a sip?

Perhaps, it was one giant gulp.

For as the liquid slowly made its way down to my stomach

I felt my throat burn with searing pain.

That all the sweetness faded and no hint of it remained.



When the struggle ended

I had found it resembled something else.

More than the saltiness of tears

what was left of it tasted of bitterness.

Yet I long for it still.