Chewing Gums and Letting Go

Abril 27, 2012

Some good things in life are like bubble gum. No matter how much we relish chewing it, we should be aware that at a certain point, we would have to spit it out. After a good number of times chewing it, it will lose its taste. Let it stay longer and it will turn to mush. Try swallowing it and it could only lead to complications.

I once absentmindedly slept with gum in my mouth. Even if I had stopped chewing in my sleep, the gum still disintegrated. I woke up to find the disgustingly unrecognizable remains of what could have passed as a finalist in The Ten Best  Bubble Gums I Had Ever Tasted prior the disintegration. And I ended up regretting not spitting it out when I knew I already had to.

Yes, even gums of that caliber must go.

The gum sure would not be an inch as sweet as it had originally been, but it would still resemble, in a way, its original form.


Letting go of something we so much treasured may be one task too gargantuan.
But sometimes, it’s just the right thing to do.
We should learn to let go, and we should also learn the right time to do it.

9 Tugon to “Chewing Gums and Letting Go”

  1. zezil Says:

    Aba naman! I loved the first part of this entry [syempre the whole post is good also!] pero yung unang parte, naks, galing sa puso. Galing a! I think this is my favorite post of yours for now. Iluwa na ang dapat iluwa!

  2. Baste. Fun. Says:

    Tama ka nga noh?! Minsan you really need to let go of something good…. dahil nawala na ang spark at ang joy.

  3. naranasan ko ng sumakay ng roller coaster with loop with a bubble gum inside my mouth, haha, pagbaba ko sa roller coaster, wala na sa bibig ko yung bubble gum, hahaha.

    isang pasubali lang.

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