Wangak#2: Ep Bi STATUS (enkoments)

Abril 22, 2012

Okay. This is the second installment of my WANGAK Series (Nagtataka ka kung ano yung first? Actually ngayon ko lang naisip gumawa ng ganito. hihi. Binago ko na lang yung title ng post kong ito para masabing may pinanggalingan tong pinagagawa ko hihi ulet). Bat don weri, dis wil nat be as wangak as da pers. Isa itong pagmamayabang  pagsesenti paglilista ng mga status updates ko sa aking FB account simula Disimbir 30 hanggang Janwari Febrari ngayong 2012. At kagaya ng nakagawian, ang aking WANGAK series is broth brouth broght brught brot to yu bay Kaloyski’s Kakulangan ng Enspereysyon  and Matinong Matiryal tu Wrayt Abawt. Bow.

December 30

I stalked somebody’s fb page and it suddenly struck me how we all have a tendency to make a mess out of ourselves. We may get bitter and pessimistic at certain points in our lives but I believe doing “nasty stuff” isn’t necessary to emphasize that you are going through something. My life may not be perfect and I am definitely no judge to criticize others, but it saddens me to see people who used to be full of ambition, positivism, vigor and faith succumb to things that only bring temporary bliss. Most of us are not bad. But a lot of us are trying so hard to be

December 31

I can’t afford to lose a finger this New Year. Losing even a single one would make me a less credible Math Teacher. I won’t be able to count 1 to 10 using what would be left. Joke lang. Stay safe friends! New Year arrives in 4 hours

January 1

TWO-ZERO-ONE-TWO. Welcomed the new year with family and friends in my good old barrio. I sure wouldn’t trade this annual experience for the world. Let 2012 be a fruitful year to one and all. 

Adios 2011. You have been a very effective teacher, one i’ll definitely remember in the years to come.

Happy 2012!

January 2

“I won’t worry my life away!”
-The Remedy by Jason Mraz and memories of high school

January 4(comment to KQ)

LAGE MO NA LANG AKO INEENYERFACE EH! Kaya inuunahan na kita. lol

January 5 (comment to AKF)

140% AKF. I’m convinced I’m Russian.

January 10 (comment to JM)

A good guy can still get the girl. For this to happen, however, he has got to be rich. Or he has to have a wonderful sense of humor

January 16

Addiction. Addiction. Addiction. (in reference to Live’s Selling the Drama… hindi to droga ah!)

January 18

STRIKE 3 NA EH. Out na. (kabobohan ko naman minsan)

January 23 (comment to KQ)

no brainer. the nazis had tanks.

January 25

Gamit ko BB ni Hindi Ako Si Potpot. Haha

January 28

BM’s status: A boy and a girl getting together is like taking a bus. You end up on a particular bus because the right number comes along at a right time.” (falling leaves- adeline yen mah)

(comment to BM)

But there would be times when you would get tired of waiting for the right bus, so you end up riding the wrong one.

(reply to BM’s comment)

Tama. Baba na. Bago ka pa mapalyo at mahirapang bumaba. Minsan pa nga hindi na talaga. Aantayin mo na lang matapos ang byahe. At malungkot ka non panigurado.

January 30 (comment to KDJ)

Actually, we need to take “breaks” every now and then. A time off from all of life’s complexities is sure to bring clarity of mind.It helps to look at things from another angle

February 14

Today I am reminded of how important it is for one to be sensitive of other’s feelings – especially those people who are very dear to you, people who without you knowing are selflessly putting your interest above their own. They too need appreciation, or at least something that will remind them that their efforts are acknowledged. After all, Bob Ong was right in saying that once you turn your back to someone and once that someone decides to do likewise, you would have to circumnavigate the world just to see that person face to face again. Even bridges made of the sturdiest wood turn to ashes once they are burned.

February 16(comment to KDJ)

to explore the vast  ocean, one should not be afraid to lose sight of the shore

February 22

Okay. I am now convinced I’m a Math Teacher. When I opened Google Chrome, I thought i saw the SINE WAVE

En dis, leydis en gentelmen, is haw yu apdeyt yur blog! KAPAMPAMAN wins!


2 Tugon to “Wangak#2: Ep Bi STATUS (enkoments)”

  1. ylbnoel Says:

    very funny and lighthearted! (except the FB stalking part). Thanks for sharing!

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