The Hunger Games

Marso 24, 2012

1)It never really occurred to me that The Hunger Games was already showing in the country.

2)In fact, I was not even aware that it has started its opening date a couple of days ago.

3)Also, I did not know that I had already arranged plans of watching this movie . I totally forgot about it, that the only time I was convinced I did commit was when we were already in the theaters.

So everything went against how I originally planned it. I had wanted to see the adaptation after I am done reading the book. Not being aware of my “deadlines” I only got to finish the first 7 or so pages, thinking that I’d have plenty of time to read the whole book since the film, from what I thought I know, won’t be shown anytime soon.

Needless to say, I saw the movie first.

Watching The Hunger Games without something to compare it with, for me is “weird”. I like imagining things, and the most probable effect it will have on me the moment I decide to read the book again  is to match every scene with how it was depicted in the movie.

So what do I think about it? DISTURBING. I’ll enumerate the reasons why + a review of the film on my next post. (I ‘m trying hard not to keep my eyes close before I finish this.)


14 Tugon to “The Hunger Games”

  1. KenyanKid™ Says:

    I haven’t read the book yet but I like the movie…If you haven’t noticed, when you don’t read the book and watch the movie, it’s more fun to watch. You don’t know the ending hence the element of surprise is on your side.

  2. ylbnoel Says:

    saw the movie too Prof 🙂 will wait for your review !

  3. zezil Says:

    I envy you! So excited to watch the movie!

    • Go watch it na! Pagkatapos ng graduation nung Sat dumerecho na kami ng sine with some co teachers. Pero sobrang jam-packed kaya nag last full show na lang kami. Pero dami pa ring tao. It was good.

      • zezil Says:

        Hahaha.I liked the way you virtually said “Go watch it na”! =)

        Wow, buti ka pa titser, bakasyon na! Must have felt good to see your students marching.=) I’m supposed to watch tom but the earth seemed to be conspiring! Sana mapanood ko na bukas!

  4. haha. Oo nga. Sagwa. Tunog Showbiz Talk Show Host! hehehe

    Di pa bakasyon. Nagtuturo ng mga may back subject. Kelangang mka-earn ng units para makapasok na sa college.

    Oo nga eh. Kapal ng mukha ko kasi proud ako akala mo naman ako ang nagpa-aral sa kanila. hehehe.

    Di yan! Pipigilan natin kung ano mang cosmic forces yan na nagpipigil sa yo!

  5. zezil Says:

    I actually thought for a second that you might be…ano…but no.=)

    Sino papasok sa college?Students mo? I’m so sorry. Too slow to process things.

    Yay!Hooray for you! Virtual pat on your back.=B

    Sana nga I could watch.too stressed out right now.

    How’s Katniss?She’s pretty.=D

  6. Hahaha. FIRST LINE = EPIC! hahahaha.

    Yung ibang graduates na me mga binagsak. Eh may ibang maaga yung pasukan (like DLSU and CSB), kelangang maka-enroll nang maaga kaya nagkukumahog na makatapos. Yon. Ako na-tap na magturo.

    GO WATCH IT NA KASI! (This is more Boy Abunda-ish) hehehe.

    She is. She kicks ass. She’s perfect for it. Half the movie would’ve been a bore had she not been in the scenes.

  7. zezil Says:

    Yeah? Gosh I’m so sad. I hope ‘something’ gets cancelled tom so I could go and watch!~

    I actually doubted her but your reviews are quite good!

  8. There’s something about her eyes. Her eyes just won me. How everything was in there altogether. It showed a lot about her character, why she was tough and why she can’t afford not to be.

  9. zezil Says:

    Pwede ng maging blurb yan a! =B As kuya Noel said, we will wait for your review.=)

  10. hahaha. pwede. pwede. sige nga. simulan na natin.

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