Of Exam Schedules and Farewells

Marso 21, 2012

I just want to share this conversation I had with one of my students earlier through an exchange of messages on FB.

The day before, this student had asked me if she could possibly take the final exams in Statistics earlier than the scheduled date and time, since she was exempted from taking the exams in the other subjects she supposedly had to take on the same day. I told her that I had to refer the matter to my coordinator to see if a special arrangement could be done for her. Not being able to meet her that afternoon, I just requested a classmate of her to tell her the office’s decision that unfortunately, the original plan would still be followed.

Then she sent me a private message on FB.

A.S. (her initials):

Hi sir,
Almeda told me that I should come early tom so that I’d take the Statistics exam early. Where should I go for me to take the test?
Sir, thank you for a great year  I’m sorry if I’m starting to fail your subject..  I’ve been having problems with stat :S 😐


Is that what he told you? Sorry I think he misunderstood my statement. I actually told him that I can’t give you the test earlier than the others so you still have to take it with the rest of the class on the scheduled time. I asked my coordinator about your case but he said that we can’t do anything but follow the original schedule. Sorry.


And regarding your performance in my subject, well, it’s not the first time I’ve heard somebody say something like that so it’s all good. I have to admit that when I was still learning Statistics, I also had a little difficult understanding it. And you know, if it’s any consolation for me to say this, you’re doing fine. In fact, better than I remember I ever did the time I took it in college. Just like any math related subject, the key here is practice. And try rereading your notes! It might help. I know you’ll do well. As always.


And your class is awesome! The roughly 9 months we’ve been together is indeed something I will never forget. It’s been a year of significant learning for everyone. I may come off as very strict and/or very annoying sometimes with my constant reminders (or my morning homily as your classmates would like to call it) but this is brought about by the pressure of guiding you throughout your sophomore year. I probably overdid it at times, but my intention and prime objective is to keep you on the right track, similar to what a parent always hopes for his children. It is actually my dream that in the future, if you have problems to overcome or important decisions to make, you will look back on your past and you would find something helpful that you have learned in your sophomore year. All the best to my 2G!. 

Why would I want to share something like this?

First, because I liked her humility. This student was an achiever in class, and acknowledging that she is having difficulty in my subject just made me admire her more. This for me is a sign of wisdom, maturity at a very young age. Honestly, I would not have admitted the same thing if I were her age as that was a time when I was too proud of myself and my petty achievements.

Second, I have always had issues with telling people how I feel. At least if I had to tell it to them face to face. I find it more comfortable writing things down. Writing gives me more time to think about what to tell the other person, to choose the right words, to capture the right emotion. And it’s actually ironic if you come to think of it since my profession requires me to talk to people everyday. I have not gotten used to it yet. I’m not really sure if I’d even get to that point when I could say that I am perfectly comfortable with carrying out a conversation with someone.


11 Tugon to “Of Exam Schedules and Farewells”

  1. You’re not alone there, I know so many people who experience the same. Only difference is,some of them try conquering this by engaging people they’re comfortable with. Be it a colleague,a neighbor, the mailman, a girlfriend/boyfriend…name them. It takes a lot to hold a conversation with genuine interest in the subject.
    But that’s just my opinion. 🙂

  2. zezil Says:

    Napaka teacher-ish/tatay-ish! I love it! Teachers should have this attitude. Have you heard of this talk by Mr Ken Robinson called ” Schools kill creativity”? Well, he mentioned that educational institutions and businesses tend to shun mistakes. We never let people have mistakes. But it is inevitable. And our response should not be telling the kids they’re hopeless! Our job is to assist, motivate, inspire. These elements, once effectively delivered, bring about the talents of the kids. Sometimes, they just need some gentle patting on their backs.

    • Hahaha. Tenks tenks. Hindi naman. Actually this is a personal milestone. I never really am vocal when it comes to expressing how I feel towards people, kahit sa mga malapit sakin. hahaha.

      And let me just say,mukhang mas well-informed ka pa saken kesa tungkol sa teaching pedagogies ah! Naks! Mas teacher ka sa ating dalawa. haha.

      But yes,that’s definitely true. If there is someone who should be most forgiving of mistakes, it is the teacher. In the end, we shouldn’t be judging students by what they had not learned. Kaya nga diba pag nagchechek ng papel yung tama pa rin ang binibilang kahit maraming mali? 🙂

      • zezil Says:

        Hitting 2 birds with 1 stone diba? You have contributed to the maturity of your student and to your own as well. Hay.Life has its own mysterious and cunning ways talaga.=B

        Feeling lang ako.Haha.actually chinek ko pa sa google spelling ng pesajoji na yan e.haha. But true, I did research! Ganun sila ‘kahirap’ turuan. Anu ba adbays mo tay?

  3. Anak, dyas be yourselp! Mas mamahalin ka ng mga pans mo pag totoo ka. Pag may interbyu laging smile lang…

    teka, tungkol ba sa pag-aartista?

    • zezil Says:

      Hahaha! Inde, sa mga students kong bagets na high-school. Pag nag didiscuss ako ng sentence fragments e nagbabatuhan ng papel! Tas pinaghiwalay ko na, aba! Walang epek! tapos pinag stay ko after class, apat lang kami, 3 sila tapos ako (gets mo? 3 +1=4?) pero wala parin talaga. Hehe. Naisip ko lang, since you are a guy teacher, maybe you know them better.

  4. ah. kala ko sa pag-aartista. dun pa naman ako expert. hehehe.

    ah sa mga male students? ako ginagamit kong edge yung katotohanang di pa nagkakalayo ang mge edad namen kaya nasasakyan ko pa ang mga trip nila. Tapos, pag nalaman ko na yung mga bagay na alam kong interesting sa kanila, binabanggit ko sa klase halimbawa ginagamit ko sa examples. Okay ren to spend time with them. Kumustahin sila. Tsaka you can’t be too strict with them. Mas lalo ka lang iinisin kapag nakikita nilang napipikon ka na. Basta gaya ng pag-aartista. you always have to be sincere with your intentions. Alam nila pag nang-iistir ka lang.

  5. zezil Says:

    I’ll pocket that.=D

  6. like a pocketbook? nyahahaha. ang korni ko, hahaha

  7. ylbnoel Says:

    woo-hoo! nice to hear that the teacher can relate. Thanks for following my little blog Prof 🙂

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