Chinese Cinderella

Marso 17, 2012

Why did I read this book? Here’s the thing. I initially thought that the book’s plot was actually the reference of an excerpt I once read from an English Textbook I found at home. (Okay, let’s clear things up before you get into thinking that I am a fan of Disney’s princesses. My interest did not originate, God forbid, from that Disney movie they always show on TV during Christmas. I was thinking of cultures, and comparing perceptions, you see.) It had the same central theme as the Cinderella that we are familiar with but the story took place in China and involved a magical fish (this was the part I liked) that grants wishes. So when I saw this book during a rummage sale in the school where I teach, I did not think twice to buy it. I was initially disappointed when I found out it has a different plot, but I read the book nevertheless thinking about not wasting the 10 pesos I bought it for.

The story is the autobiography of a young Chinese girl, Adeline Yen Mah who struggles to seek affection from her family. Despite being gifted with natural skills and intelligence, she was continuously regarded with hate by her her step-mother and siblings and was always ignored by her very own father.The events in her life were depressing, even until the end of the novel, and I don’t really remember it having a happy ending.

Although it is really admirable how she was able to succeed later in her life despite everything she had to go through when she was young, I can’t help but still feel pity for her thinking that no other form of injustice could be worse than not being welcome in one’s very own family.

It’s definitely a tearjerker (but of course I did not cry) and it would make you ask more than once how life can be extremely unfair sometimes.


2 Tugon to “Chinese Cinderella”

  1. ljsdeleon Says:

    I read the book as well. Kinda jealous cos it only costed you 10 pesos! It’s hard to find good read in cheap price these days. 🙂

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