Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

Marso 17, 2012

It took me some time to finish this book considering its length (The eBook I got contained just a little over 200 pages ). And here’s what I think. I think the charm of this novel lies in how J.K. Rowling was able to suspend the suspense and adventure towards the end of the book. Reading the initial pages reminded me of reading regular children’s books by the way characters were described and the way conversations were carried out by them. Although at certain points I found it dragging (which is probably the reason why I initially lost interest in finishing it), the adventures and twists in the story make up for the lengthy narrations and characterization. One would also be surprised to notice how as the plot thickened the mood and the tone likewise shifted to a more serious one, which the author executes flawlessly. The plot did not reveal too much about what lies ahead for the main protagonist, providing the readers just enough details to keep them guessing. And yes, on a more personal note,this book has at least sustained my interest to read the remaining books in the series.


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